Maths Development, Dyscalculia and Assessment - EPV course

EPV approved Summer course for Teachers in Ireland

EPV approved summer course for teachers in the Republic of Ireland.

Module 1: Overview of Early Numeracy development

We will cover the early and essential cognitive processes necessary for numeracy development. We will also explore the importance of early intervention and the effect that it can have on students development.

Module 2: Understanding Dyscalculia and other Maths difficulties

We will learn what dyscalculia is, it’s prevalence, why its under diagnosed and how early identification and early intervention are particularly important for maths development. We will explore the effect that dyscalculia can have on the learner and the core challenges that learners with dyscalculia and other maths difficulties can have as well as how you cna support them.

Module 3: Maths Assessment

We will explore both formative and summative maths assessment. We will investigate the different types of math assessment tools available and how you can use standardised assessment to monitor progress and spot difficulties early on.

Module 4: Creating effective school assessment systems and monitoring progress

We will discuss the importance of setting up a structured school assessment process. This will involve exploring the key components of an effective school system adn the critically reflecting on your own methods and tools for assessment and screening.

Module 5: Understanding standardised assessment data

This module will cover the core knowledge that any teacher working with standardised assessment and screening tools needs to have in order to understand their students scores and results. We will discuss the differences between Stens, Stanines, percentiles, age equivalents and standard scores and which one to use. Following this module you will be able to confidently interpret and communicate test data with parents, students and colleagues.

Your Instructor

Rebecca Good
Rebecca Good

A former post primary science and maths teacher, Rebecca has been working as a Senior Educational Psychologist for over 15 years. She has delivered training courses across the globe in the area of assessment and learning and recently won 2020 best Irish family run business award. Rebecca is is passionate about supporting teachers in the area of psychology and assessment so that they can provide the best support to those students that need it most.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts on the 01 July 2020 and will end on 31 July 2020.
Is this course an approved online course for EPV days?
Yes, this course has been approved for EPV days for Primary teachers in Ireland. Following completion of the course Primary school teachers in Ireland will be awarded their certificate of completion.
How long is this course?
The course in 20 hours duration - which includes video lecture content, online research and reading, and course assignments.

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