Transform your approach to teaching math with our Maths Anxiety & Dyscalculia EPV course. This comprehensive program equips teachers with the knowledge and strategies to help students overcome math anxiety and learning difficulties. 

Through interactive modules, you'll learn to identify early signs of dyscalculia, implement effective teaching techniques, and foster a supportive classroom environment. Gain access to practical tools and assessments that can be immediately applied to measure and enhance student progress. 

Empower your students to find confidence and success in math with this essential summer training course.

What you will learn

This course provides the tools to identify and address math-related anxieties and dyscalculia. Developed by experienced psychologists and educators, you'll explore theory, assessment techniques, intervention strategies, and real-world scenarios to create an inclusive, supportive math classroom.

Module Overview

Module 1: Overview of Early Numeracy development
  • Understand how core math skills, including number sense, language, operations, fractions, decimals develop.
  • Discover how to assess your students core maths skills and spot those that are struggling early
  • Discover interactive exercises and engaging activities to reinforce understanding and fluency.
Module 2: Understanding Dyscalculia and other Maths difficulties
  • Gain a thorough understanding of dyscalculia: its characteristics, causes, and impact on mathematical abilities.
  • Explore the latest research and theories surrounding dyscalculia to develop a solid foundation of knowledge.
Module 3: Maths Anxiety
  • Explore the origins and impact of math anxiety on learners of all ages and all abilities.
  • Learn how to implement a whole school or class wide maths anxiety screener
  • Learn techniques to reduce anxiety, build resilience, and foster a positive mindset towards math.
Module 4: Maths Screening and Assessment
  • Discover different assessment methods that can be used to assess maths skills
  • Explore how to set up a structured whole school maths assessment process
Module 5: Understanding assessment data
  • Learn the importance of understanding assessment data
  • Learn how to use data to measure progress and learning
  • Understand what the assessment numbers really mean and how to communicate data to parents and other teachers
Benefits of the Course:
  • Develop a strong understanding in the foundations of mathematics learning
  • Understand how and why maths anxiety develops, how to measure it and how to foster resilience
  • Learn how to spot and support children at an early age with maths learning
  • Learn how to understand and interpret assessment data so you can communicate clearly with parents and professionals
  • Gain insights from experienced instructors and benefit from a supportive online learning community.
  • Transform your relationship with mathematics teaching and unlock your students true potential.

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Why This Course?

Reduced Math Anxiety

Learn strategies to create a supportive and anxiety-free math learning environment, helping students to approach math with confidence and enthusiasm.

Improved Student Performance

By identifying and addressing dyscalculia and other math learning difficulties early on, teachers can implement effective interventions, leading to better math comprehension and higher student achievement.

Practical Assessment Tools

Gain access to practical tools and assessment techniques that allow them to monitor student progress accurately, ensuring that all students receive the support they need to succeed in math.

Your instructor

Rebecca Good is a qualified teacher and chartered psychologist with nearly 20 years of experience in education and psychology.

"My passion for teaching comes from a deep-seated belief that every student deserves to unlock their mathematical potential, free from anxiety and learning difficulties.

In collaboration with our expert psychology and education team, I have meticulously tailored this course to meet the needs of educators. My practical approach is grounded in current research and enriched by real-world classroom insights.

Together with Education Elephant, we are committed to equipping you with the tools and understanding necessary to transform your students' mathematical journeys.