160 hours

Level 7 Educational Testing and Access Arrangements Certificate (ETAAC)

Become a UK approved Access Arrangements Assessor with British Psychological Society Certification.

Course Description

Are you a post primary teacher in the UK seeking to become a JCQ approved access arrangements assessor? If so look no further our professional ETAAC course. Especially designed for busy professionals the ETAAC has been carefully crafted so it is packed with engaging video lessons and content and packaged in a way that you can fit your learning into your busy schedule. The course is accredited by OCN Credit4leanring and leads to a prestigous British Psychological Society (BPS) qualification in psychometric testing. The course is comprised of 6 modules, covering specific topics related to psychometric testing, educational assessment and access arrangements. You are never alone and will work with an experienced tutor to help you thorughout the course.

"A thoroughly enjoyable and informative course that was very well organised, with clear, instruction and direction the whole way through. My tutor Kate provided very detailed feedback, support and advice when needed. If this is something you are considering, I would highly recommend Education Elephant and this course- worth every penny. I was very impressed with the succinct video tutorials and being able to pause and go back when needed was so helpful. Overall, I now feel confident in going forward with testing and would certainly consider another course with Education Elephant as further professional development-thank you!"

Marie McCallion, Google Review

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What You'll Learn

This course is relevant to anyone who works in education but particularly suited to special education teachers or anyone working within the educational setting administering or interpreting psychometric or educational tests. A teaching qualification is recommended but not essential.

  • How to competently administer and score different psychometric tests (intelligence and attainment tests)
  • What test scores mean and which ones are best to use (standard scores, percentiles, Stens, Stanines, age equivalents)
  • Be able to analyse and understand standardised test results in order to make informed decisions and improve outcomes for students/clients
  • Can differentiate between good tests and not-so-good tests
  • Be able to properly and accurately measure progress in students/clients
  • Make better decisions for students/clients based on assessment results
  • How to clearly and confidently report test results and their meaning to others
  • How to read and understand psychological reports
  • How to write psychometric reports for parents and professionals
  • How to comply with data protection legislation when conducting psychometric tests
  • How to be a confident, competent and effective test user that can make a real difference in your student's/client's lives
  • The most recent rules and regulations supplied by the JCQ around testing and applying for access arrangments


This course builds your skills as you go. Modules 1-5 lead to the British psychological Qualification the Cert. of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET). The topics covered in throughout the 6 module are:

Module 1:

  • Administering and Scoring Tests
    • An introduction to testing and assessment
    • Different kinds of assessment tools and methods
    • How to Administer and Score Educational Tests

Module 2:

  • Understanding Standard Scores
    • Different scoring systems used in testing
    • Understanding standard scores including t scores, percentiles, age equivalents, Stens and Stanines and more.

Module 3:

  • What Makes a Good test
    • Reliability and Validity in testing
    • Test Standardisation

Module 4:

  • Factors affecting test results
    • Intelligence testing
    • Bias and Discrimination in testing

Module 5:

  • Interpreting & Communicating results
    • How to interpret score profiles and how to tell what's important and what's not
    • Communicating test results to parents, professionals and clients
    • Effective Report Writing

Module 6:

  • Access Arrangements and Testing
    • Understanding the latest JCQ regulations for exam access arrangements
    • Creating a structured and efficient system for collecting and collating information
    • Gathering information and completing paperwork
    • Selecting tests for access arrangements

Teachers love our
Educational Testing and Access Arrangements Certificate (ETAAC)

"A very worthwhile and positive experience. Should be a mandatory university course for Special Educators. Well done!"

Renee (Google Review)

"A very insightful course. The short videos are very effective, informative, and not overwhelming, it also means it's easier to dip in and out, Overall I couldn’t be critical as the course is well laid out, with clear learning outcomes, and is delivered in manageable chunks."

Gavin Deady, University Disability Officer

"I have just completed this course and it was simply excellent. The course content, resources provided and particularly the feedback were to a very high standard. Though hesitant going into the course, I have completed it with an improved understanding and will definitely be recommending it to colleagues. Thank you!"

Lubhna Gaffar, Google Review

"I highly recommend the course with Education Elephant. The course was both stimulating and enjoyable to complete. The team provides an excellent range of relevant resources and having a personal tutor throughout the learning journey makes all the difference!."

Catherine, Google Review

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Frequently asked questions

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You do not need any prior experience in testing and assessment as this course will give you an excellent inntroduction to the area. It is particularly suited to special education teachers, SENCo's, access arrangements assessors, assistant psychologists, or anyone working within the educational setting administering or interpreting psychometric or academic tests. A teaching qualification is recommended but not essential.
This course is available in two formats, Live Online and On-Demand. Both formats cover the same course content. You now have more choice in how you learn with us.
  • Live Online

    Our online experience is designed to be just as interactive, supportive, and inspiring as in person courses. Online courses can be accessed from any computer or laptop with an internet connection. Live lectures are delivered using Zoom. During these lectures, your teachers will use technology interactively to ensure an engaging learning experience. When appropriate, students will be encouraged to activate their microphones so that they can ask questions and communicate with other students.Following your 3 day bootcamp, you will complete the final Access Arrangements module (module 6) as a self paced online course.

  • On Demand:

    On Demand courses enable you to complete your course on your own schedule. Course modules are delivered in the form of one "chapters". Each chapter is broken up into short video "lessons" followed by activities designed to put the new information and concepts into practice through exercises, quizzes, forum participation and other activities.

Student care and experience is a high priorty at Education Elephant, which is why we are on hand to support throughout your time with us. Learners enroled in the On Demand and the 3 day live courses are each assigned a tutor to support your learning journey and answer any course questions you may have. Our customer care team are also on had to answer any general or technical queries you may during your time with us. All learners haev access to a learner portal where they can manage all of their coure materials.
All assessments are submitted online. Your learning is assessed through a variety of tasks including practical work; short written excercises e.g. multiple choice and short answer questions; video recording of a test adminstration; a written educational report. Assignments are marked against a competency framework. There are 72 core competences which must be demonstrated and met by each delegate in order to pass the course.
Yes, this course requires you to work with standardised tests. You will need access to an ability test and an acheivement test. If you do not have access to any tests you may purchase some at a discounted rate through Education Elephant.
Yes, this course fully meets the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) criteria to practice as an access arrangements assessor. The course is accredited as Level 7 equiavlent by OCN Learning.
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Yes - this course leads to a professional Certificate, awarded by the British Psychological Society (BPS) in standardised educational testing.
For our 3 day bootcamp courses, the full course fee must be paid before the course commences. Alternatively if an organisation is paying for our place we must have received a valid purchase order (PO).

For our On-demand courses (self paced online), coures can be paid in full at the time of enrolment or via 3 monthly instalments with the first instalment payable before course enrolment. If your organisation is paying for your course, we must receive a valid purchase order (PO) before you are enroled on the course.

The start of the course depends on the type of course you enrol on.
  • On-Demand

    On demand courses start as soon as you login and enrol. These are self-paced online courses so you work through the material at your own pace. You have 12 months to work through all of the material and submit all of your assignments.

  • Live 3 Day Bootcamp

    For bootcamp courses you will have 6 months following your 3 day course to submit all outstanding assignments.