Supporting Gifted, Talented, and Able Students - Masterclass (MGF001)

Learning and teaching strategies for identifying and working with above average achievers

Most gifted and talented learners have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and left unsupported can become bored, disruptive and/or detached from learning. It is not always easy to meet the learning and many teachers lack confidence simply resorting to 'extra work' rather than differentiated work for these learners. In this masterclass, presented by Andrew Whitehouse, you'll learn practical, actionable classroom strategies that will help you engage and support your above average learners. This masterclass was originally presented as a live event but has been recorded, edited and organised for your convenience and learning.

What you will learn:

  • Above average achiever - Gifted/Talented/Able - What is the difference?
  • What is gifted? Talented? Able? To include a wide range of identification strategies.
  • Developmental and social problems experienced by Gifted/Talented/Able learners and interventions to overcome these.
  • How to engage those who may be Gifted/Talented/Able to achieve academic satisfaction. To include extra-curricular considerations, grouping options and creating a positively challenging ethos.
  • Listening to Gifted/Talented/Able in order to meet their needs fully.
  • A range of ‘good practice’ general interventions.

Your Instructor

Andrew Whitehouse
Andrew Whitehouse

TEDx Speaker Andrew Whitehouse is a specialist in neurological diversity and provides interventions for professionals, parents and young people with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and related conditions. Andrew has a number of roles including training, strategies and therapies for education professionals in schools and colleges, observing learners in the learning environment and providing practical solutions to help them achieve their potential. Andrew provides short courses for Bishop Grosseteste University and the University of Lincoln and holds a number of UK and overseas contracts. Andrew has delivered three TEDx Talks including “From Disability to Superpowers” and has an extensive conference profile. Andrew is also a Forensic SEND Consultant and acts as an expert witness in SEND related court cases.

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