Maths in Primary School Course Package: Understanding and Supporting Maths Skills

4 courses: Understand how maths skills develop, effects of maths anxiety, dyscalculia and assessment

Courses Included with Purchase

Understanding Maths Anxiety
Helping you understand the causes, effects and ways to support maths anxiety
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Understanding How Early Maths Skills Develop
All you need to know about how and when number skills develop in children and young persons
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Introduction into Dyscalculia
A detailed overview of specific maths learning difficulties and how to support the learner
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Maths Assessment and Intervention
A guide to different maths assessment tools and intervention
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This course is a bundle of 4 individual course:

Course 1: Overview of Early Numeracy development

We will cover the early and essential cognitive processes necessary for numeracy development. We will also explore the importance of early intervention and the effect that it can have on students development.

Course 2: Understanding Dyscalculia and other Maths difficulties

We will learn what dyscalculia is, it’s prevalence, why its under diagnosed and how early identification and early intervention are particularly important for maths development. We will explore the effect that dyscalculia can have on the learner and the core challenges that learners with dyscalculia and other maths difficulties can have as well as how you cna support them.

Course 3: Maths Anxiety

We will explore both formative and summative maths assessment. We will investigate the different types of math assessment tools available and how you can use standardised assessment to monitor progress and spot difficulties early on.

Course 4: Maths Assessment and Intervention

We will learn about the different forms of assessment as well as different tools available for the maths assessment of children and students. We will also look at different intervention strategies and supports that can be used to support maths learning and development.

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This course has been designed and produced in collaboration with our psychology and education team here at Education Elephant Ltd.

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