Understanding How Early Maths Skills Develop

All you need to know about how and when number skills develop in children and young persons

What you'll learn

  • Understand the key stages of development children may go through within maths, relating to numbers
  • Understand how to identify early maths difficulties, when to intervene and what to look for
  • Understand the implications of early Intervention
  • How to support potential maths difficulties
  • How to assess for early maths difficulties
  • How to support all of your students
  • How to be a better maths teacher

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Course Description

You wouldn't believe how many different stages and steps that our young brains need to go through when learning number skills. Understanding how and when these different number skills develop in children is very important for understanding how to support and teach maths. This course, written by Educational Psychologists, will help every educator appreciate the importance and complexity of early number development as well the importance of spotting difficulties early. Unfortunately maths is one of those subjects where if you miss out on a small piece of development you are most likely going to fall further and further behind. This course will not only arm you with the knowledge you need to support maths development but also methods to assess it as well as risk factors associated with poor maths achievement.

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Education Elephant
Education Elephant

This course has been designed and produced in collaboration with our psychology and education team here at Education Elephant Ltd.

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