Course Introduction and Welcome

Hi there

With forced school closures taking place and many teachers and students finding themselves working through rather uncertain and somewhat unsettling times, Education Elephant is delighted to offer you their support by giving you access to this course in Administering Standardised Tests for the next few weeks.

My name is Rebecca Good and I am a Senior Educational Psychologist that's been working with children, parents and teachers in the area of standardised tests for the past 15 years. The rise of 'high stakes' standardised testing in schools means that teachers now find themselves needing to use such tests to make important, and sometimes life changing decisions for students. With this huge responsibility, it has therefore become more important for teachers to ensure they have the necessary skills to enable them to become competent and confident testers.

This course has been designed to follow the curriculum laid down by the British Psychological Society (BPS) in educational testing and it is the first part of a larger qualification in assessment the 'Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing -CCET'. During this course you will be given the core set of skills needed to become a competent test administrator (the more advanced skills of test interpretation is covered in the CCET course. We will walk you through the basics of educational assessment with a focus on how to prepare, conduct and score standardised educational tests. We are delighted that you are here and we trust that you will have a very enjoyable online learning experience with us. I would encourage you to write a short hello in the 'Personal Introductions' section, - just to let us know that you got our message and that your enthusiastic about your learning.

You will notice that there is a comments section at the bottom of each video lecture and we would encourage you to post your own comments and thoughts on topics.

Enjoy your learning and stay well

Rebecca and Education Elephant