Our School and Special Educational Needs (SEN) Subscription Knowledge Network Package will enable you and your staff to attend as many of specially selected online training courses and masterclasses as you like for a fixed cost!

This training package is suitable for all your staff members and will ensure they are up to date, well equipped, comfortable and confident when teaching and supporting learners with any additional needs.

We have an extensive and varied selection of courses covering various topics designed for staff members at all levels. The content includes structured e-learning courses delivered in bite-size lessons with downloadable resources and learning aids as well as pre-recorded masterclasses with lively class discussions. All courses are brought to you by Education Elephant and are of the highest quality, developed and delivered by national and internationally-renowned education experts.

Why should my school buy into this PRO package?


The School and Special Educational Needs (SEN) Subscription Knowledge Network Package has been developed with quality in mind. Including a library of e-courses and recorded masterclasses covering all your staff needs to know about supporting learners with additional needs will ensure they are experiencing an engaging training style, and learning from education experts and their peers.

Our course authors and trainers are all psychology and education professionals with extensive experience working in and with schools, parents and classroom teachers - their training courses are written to support staff using their experience within education and their understanding of successful school improvement and raising school standards.


Developing a training package to support the entire school's improvement training expectations at a reasonable price was a primary focus when creating this package. We are confident that buying into this package will save your school money from your CPD budget.

Minimise Disruption

Minimise disruption - train online. Traditional training means getting all your staff to break off from work and gather in one place. We believe there's a better way...

Training online frees you from the costs and disruption to your school of gathering everyone in a single place to learn.

Online training is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and your progress is automatically saved. Staff can train from anywhere, in their own time or even when commuting!

Motivate Your Staff

Invest in your team. Our online training subscription offer isn't just about completing mandatory training; it's about so much more. It'll allow your staff to grow as people and grow as educators.

All of our courses have downloadable certificates that staff can print off for CPD or Croke Park Hours.

Support Parents

Share the expertise and learning with parents of students in your school. On our pro plan schools can share selected courses and masterclasses with parents ensuring that everyone feels supported.

Croke Park Hours

Assign courses or classes to your staff and fulfil your Croke Park Hours.

All of our courses have downloadable certificates that staff can print off for CPD or Croke Park Hours.

Diverse Learning Styles

No matter your preferred way of learning, this package offers two variations of learning styles:

  • E-Courses: Structured delivery with content broken into chapters, bite-size lessons and short 'test my learning' quizzes. Courses include supporting resources, e.g. downloadable files, external links and cheat sheets.

  • Masterclasses: Pre-recorded webinars given to an audience on a particular topic by an expert in that topic. These webinars have been edited and structured for your learning, including class discussions and Q&A.

All of our courses and classes have discussion forums where learners can post thoughts and ask questions.

Whether your staff are visual learners, note takers or discussion-based learners, there's something for everyone.


Our Supporting Learners with Additional Needs Training Package provides unlimited access to the full range of supporting learners with additional needs courses.

Buying for your school team

Activate unlimited access to all courses and masterclasses for up to 10 staff


access to selected content for parents of school students

for €550 per year (€25 per staff member).

CPD Certificates are included for all completed courses.

If you wish to discuss pricing for large schools or clusters of schools, please get in touch with our sales team.